Tess Ames
18th September 2023

ESR Blog | From Ireland to Colorado, reaching out to future scientists is the name of the game!

ESR 8, Butsabarat Klahan from South East Technological University, recently went on her secondment to Colorado, USA. Below, she shares the experiences she had working with renowned Professor Anuj Chauhan at Colorado School of Mines, and getting to spend time with the Evergreen Country Day School for a fun day of science activities. 

Wow, I can’t believe I am finishing my secondment at Colorado School of Mines (CSM) in US, How time flies! Of course leaving home might be challenging and is not always easy for me, However it is 100% worth it!

Students participate in the day came with Professor Anuj and his research team

I’ve tremendously enjoyed this wonderful trip as a visiting scholar at CSM. Starting the trip with joining a summer camp for kids at the campus of Evergreen Country Day School with the Lab team in US. #Children-the future of the world, I would say. That was a very exciting time for me to do lots of Science activities and experiments with campers and they also were interested in everything we showed. There was about 40 students in total participating, and we got to show them all sorts of fun experiments related to surface tension. For exampke, we made a paperclip float, and then sink when soap was added. We also got to make cornstarch quickstand, and made a popping boba!

Apart from that, to stay in the US, it was quite challenging for me to get used to and adapt to the new conditions of several things, including the mathematical modelling course! But all of these things made the experience I gained from this trip even more amazing.

Thanks to my supervisor, Prof. Anuj Chauhan and the lab team in CSM for the warm and friendly welcome

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