Tess Ames
29 April 2021

ORBITAL Open Seminar Series | Louise Grubb – Serial Entrepreneur: Bringing innovations to reality, my experience

Join us for the next installment of the ORBITAL Open Seminar Series!

April 29, 2021 at 3:00pm GMT + 1, we are excited to welcome Louise Grubb, presenting: “Serial Entrepreneur: Bringing innovations to reality, my experience”. 

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About the speaker: 

Serial entrepreneur and inventor Louise Grubb has founded a number of internationally successful life science businesses. Driven by innovation Louise is currently working on her third successful start-up, TriviumVet. TriviumVet develop innovative, novel veterinary therapeutics, working with veterinarians and specialists from all over the world to formulate, develop and commercialise medicines and diagnostics for use in companion animals. Louise is chairperson of Q1 Scientific, a high tech stability storage company providing services to Ireland’s blue chip pharmaceutical companies which she founded in 2012. Previous to this Louise founded Nutriscience, a veterinary nutraceutical company which is now part of one of Europe’s leading animal health companies, Swedencare, and the products continue to be developed and manufactured in Waterford.

She is an advocate for promoting women entrepreneurs in the life science industry and encouraging people of all backgrounds to consider careers in STEM, to this end she created a podcast “The Science of Business” where each month Louise meets with some of the people behind the pharma and life science sectors in Ireland who share their own career paths and interesting business stories in this leading global field.

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