Tess Ames
14th August 2020

ORBITAL H2020 Case Study at WIT

ORBITAL Project Coordinator, Dr. Laurence Fitzhenry, was invited to participate in a case study of Horizon 2020 awards. Horizon 2020 is part of The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Dr. Fitzhenry

Dr. Fitzhenry answered questions about the process of obtaining funding, the major successes and hardships faced in this first year, offered advice to future applicants, and ultimately discussed why Horizon 2020 is leading the way in funding for European and international research.

The first year of the project has not been an easy one, as the ORBITAL ITN faces the closures of campuses and research labs across the world due to the novel Coronavirus outbreak. However, Dr. Fitzhenry highlighted how ORBITAL has adapted and overcome the challenge so far:

“The project has proven itself to be incredibly adaptable to the situation with COVID. We are seeing the Researchers find new ways to engage with their research, to support each other, to create new channels of communication, and to really improve their skills in that way. That’s been a tremendous success.  In fact our most recent podcast was from the ingenuity of our Researchers, and it’s been one of our most listened to pieces!”  – Dr. Fitzhenry

Overall, the ORBITAL project has continued to provide outstanding learning opportunities for the researchers involved, and Dr. Fitzhenry looks forward to the next two years.

You can read the full case study, here.

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