Tess Ames
14th May 2020

ORBITAL Researcher Inesa Lelyte participates in Webinar hosted by Experimentica

Research and Development (R&D) Excellence is Experimentica’s corporate culture. But have you ever wondered how their Scientists refine and improve their preclinical models?


Simon Kaja, PhD, Experimentica

On May 6-8, 2020 Experimentica organised a series of four webinars hosted and moderated by Experimentica’s Simon Kaja, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, and Guillaume Demarne, PharmD, Director of Business Development.

Experimentica‘s webinar series, Refining Ocular Preclinical Models, gave the floor to their Scientists. They demonstrated how Experimentica leverage innovative internal R&D to improve their animal models. They also discussed with participants how refinements translate into unique, high-end models and readouts benefiting ophthalmic drug developers.

ORBITAL Researcher for Project 15, Inesa Lelyte

One of Experimentica’s scientists as well as ORBITAL Early Stage Researcher for Project 15Inesa Lelyte, presented her work on how intracameral injections of Poly (Acrilic acid) in Rat offer a reproducible model to test new Glaucoma drugs.

“It was the very first time I presented my work on a webinar, and what can I say? It was an incredible experience! During the presentation I felt a bit distant from the audience since I could not see them face-to-face. But Q&A session solved everything. I  was pleasantly surprised when scientists from various research companies including Boehringer Ingelheim and Eyevensys came to listen my work and asked challenging yet meaningful questions related with my presentation”. 

The series has ended, but is available for online viewing here.

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