Tess Ames
16th February 2021

ORBITAL Supervisor Dr. Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo to be inducted into medical and biological engineering elite

Dr. Carmen Alvarez-Lorenzo will be inducted into The American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) College of Fellows.

Dr. Alvarez-Lorenzo is the Principal Supervisor for ESR 1, Ana Filipa Mota, and  ESR 7, Axel Kattar, at Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, as well as a member of the ORBITAL Supervisory Board.

Discussing her entry in to the College of Fellows, Dr. Alvarez-Lorenzo says, “I am very honored to become part of AIMBE and excited to meet and work together with so many outstanding medical and biological engineers. I am indebted to all people who have supported me through the years, the past and present members of USC I+DFarma group, and many coworkers and collaborators around the world. I have learned a lot from them all about science and commitment. Now it is my turn to take a further step in the commitment to facilitate that scientific advances reach society to extend and improve people’s lives.

ORBITAL and AIMBE share some common missions, such as to inspire, educate, and involve young people who will be the future leaders of medical and biological engineering.

Being part of AIMBE will offer the chance of tight collaboration with experts in clinical practice, industrial practice, and education. I believe that working at interfaces that gather together multidisciplinarity, diversity and inclusion is the key for health innovation and sustainable development.”

Dr. Alvarez-Lorenzo is being recognized for her “outstanding contributions to the field of bioinspired drug delivery systems, particularly stimuli-responsive networks with molecular recognition abilities”, says AIMBE.

After induction, Dr. ALvarez-Lorenzo will be among elite scientists and engineers. According to AIMBE, “The College of Fellows is comprised of the top two percent of medical and biological engineers in the country… AIMBE Fellows have been awarded the Nobel Prize, the Presidential Medal of Science and the Presidential Medal of Technology and Innovation…”

From this, Dr. Alvarez-Lorenzo sees great potential. “Becoming a member of a community that has already contributed to so many scientific and public policy-making achievements offers a wide range of opportunities. I will work to find synergies, above all, in areas of diseases that still require notable improvements in delivery systems, including ocular ones, and in scaffolds for regenerative medicine, and also in a better understanding of what patients and doctors really demand. I will try to do my best in communicating progress and needs to all stakeholders for a better dissemination of knowledge and the attraction of investment and human resources. What I can see now is an exciting future task.”

Dr. Alvarez-Lorenzo’s induction ceremony will take place on March 26. You can find further details about the ceremony, here.


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