Dr. Thakur Raghu Raj Singh


Project Management

ORBITAL: Member of Supervisory Board; Lead on the Data Management Sub-Committee; Member of Research and Ethics Sub-Committee

  • Reader in Pharmaceutics, Queens University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
  • Director, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Re-Vana Therapeutics Ltd

Dr. Raj Thakur is a Reader in Pharmaceutics at the School of Pharmacy (SoP), QUB and is the Co-founder, CTO and Director of Re-Vana Therapeutics. His research interest is in the design and physicochemical characterisation of advanced long-acting biodegradable drug delivery systems including minimally invasive medical devices for localised drug delivery. He is the Chair for Ocular Drug Delivery (OcDD) Focus Group supported by the mission of Controlled Release Society (CRS). He has authored over 160 scientific publications, including 55 full papers, 10 book chapters, four text books, several invited talks in national and international conferences and patents. To date, he has secured funding of approx. £3.5 million

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