Dr. Sarah Hudson

University of Limerick

External Advisory Board Members

Sarah has expertise in crystallisation, liquid antisolvent precipitation, materials analysis, polymer chemistry and drug delivery that has allowed her bid successfully for EU, SFI and EI major grant awards (securing over €7 m in funding in the last 10 years). During 2019/20, she has been hiring a team of up to 21 researchers in total, including PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers on the back of highly competitive grant success. She has demonstrated her ability to conduct successful collaborative research in multi-disciplinary teams. Sarah is in a unique position of being a Theme leader in the SSPC, the internationally competitive SFI Centre for pharmaceuticals, project coordinator on an Marie Curie ITN award and UL lead on a Government of Ireland Disruptive Technology Award (DTIF) with Cala Medical as project coordinator. Sarah’s research is focussed in the fields of (bio)pharmaceutical development and medical device research. 

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