Project 13: Development of ex-vivo models for smart screening of novel colloidal ocular formulations

The topical treatment of eye diseases shows great advantages such as ease of administration, good patient compliance and cost effectiveness, but it still has drawbacks in great loss of drug and low bioavailability in deeper ocular tissues.

Nanomedicine has great potential for the improvement of ocular administration: size of carriers and their surface characteristics are crucial parameters that impact on drug release and diffusion across and into ocular barriers. In this context, rapid and affordable methodologies to characterize how formulations perform in contact with ocular tissues are strongly needed. Regardless the ocular target site, availability of validated ex-vivo models is essential: in fact, models help formulations screening by identifying those characteristics that are responsible for an effective drug delivery.

Project 13 aims at design and development of novel lipid based nanocarriers, particularly micro and nanoemulsions and nanoparticles, that can enhance drug penetration across ocular barriers: candidate will carry on both colloidal formulation research and full set up and assessment of newly developed ex-vivo animal models, to screen and characterize obtained formulations.


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